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Integrate your data and automate repetitive processes with the FME platform

Optimize your business processes and gain a competitive advantage through data integration and automating processes.

  • Do you have large amounts of data from many different sources and struggle with synchronization and migrating between systems?
  • Does gathering and manually verifying data take a lot of time that could be spent on other business activities?
  • Do you observe delays in your projects due to disorganized, low-quality data?
  • Do you use many different systems and wish you could integrate them using one tool so that you can uncover and share crucial information?
  • Are you having trouble managing many systems and adding new tools makes integration even harder?

You can solve all these problems with FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, BI solutions, and other popular business systems. With FME, you can integrate data and systems and automate repetitive business processes without having to code. Accept the challenge and gain more value from your data with our help!

How FME works with data?

Meet FME and its capabilities to integrate data and automate processes:

Connect data sources

Convert data from one format to another (or even from multiple formats) in the “drag and drop” interface without having to code!

  • Move information between 450+ data sources and applications using a visual interface
  • Increase possibilities with custom connections, such as an API, R, or Python
  • Support your business decisions by eliminating data silos

Transform data

Perform unique data processing tasks using any combination of more than 500 transformers to modify data exactly for your needs

  • Modify, filter, and make calculations using convenient tools
  • Verify data to ensure the highest quality
  • Create custom workflows without coding
  • Adjust your workflows to the changing requirements

Automate workflows

Automatically convert and transform data 24/7

  • Initiate automated data integration processes using event-based workflows
  • Create schedules to run workflows at regular intervals
  • Build automations using a visual interface
  • Minimize your efforts and time spent on completing repetitive, mundane tasks
  • Send notifications and transfer data directly to an output folder

We’re giving you access to the FME integration platform but also…

Needs analysis in regards to data integration and systems and process automation

Do you work with many different data sources and formats? Would you like to integrate them efficiently but you’re not sure how your company can do it? Schedule an initial consultation. We’ll talk about your goals and needs, learn about the data you work with, and introduce you to the powerful features of FME. We can also show you other solutions that may be useful for your company.

Training tailored to your company’s needs

Our training will show you how to work with FME effectively and it covers all of the features (or at least most of the features ?) of the program. Besides standard training (FME Desktop Basic, FME Desktop Advanced, FME Server) and specialized training, we can design training tailored to your projects.

Supporting implementation of the solution

Certified FME experts will be glad to help you and your team complete a project from the beginning to the end. We will share our advice and experience in creating scripts, system integrations, collecting and processing different datasets, and the further development of existing FME processes.

FME – integration platform matched to your business needs

Stay on top with FME! See what benefits FME brings to our customers:

A convenient way to collect and integrate multi-source data

from spatial data, through databases and data warehouses, to business and cloud systems. All thanks to a tool that doesn’t require coding skills

More effective business decision-making and saving time

thanks to the organized, validated data and recurrent process automation

Improved service quality at your company

this is due to processing and migrating large datasets, integrating many processes, and controlling data quality. High quality is ensured by the right tools and the scalable, flexible FME architecture

Efficient system management

through integrating systems in one place with the option to add new tools

Central data repository

that can be accessed by all authorized employees, even from the browser

Why is partnering with us worth it?

Globema the only official Safe Software partner and FME reseller in Poland and Romania. We operate around Europe.

Our team has experienced FME experts and our skills are backed by many certificates: FME Certified Professional, FME Server Certified Professional, and FME Certified Trainer.

Trusted by

Visimind acquires and develops 2D/3D visualizations in the mobile photogrammetric and remote-sensing technologies. We provide safe and complex IT solutions supporting communication and documentation processes, as well as OSD and OSP network inventory management. On May 11-13 2020, Globema conducted basic remote training covering FME usage. This service was delivered at the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Information Processing Center certifies that since 2018, Globema has been successfully and skillfully providing licenses and service support for FME Server and FME Desktop Database used at KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Globema has been commissioned by the Ministry of Environment to conduct FME training. The content of the sessions, quality of materials, as well as engagement, and skills of the instructors have been highly rated by the participants.

From August to November 2012, Globema has provided an FME license and consulting services to the Municipal Heat Supply Company in Krakow. All services provided by Globema have been delivered with the utmost diligence.

Globema has provided an FME license and consultation services for the Polish Geological Institute on December 4-28 with positive results.

A step-by-step plan of our partnership

Implementing data integration and automation solutions is a complex process and we will guide you through every stage! We will support you from the beginning to the end, from the first meeting about your needs and requirements to addressing your problems with additional features. We are experienced in this field and data integration is our specialty. How will our partnership look?

1. Initial needs analysis

Together, we will define your needs and goals and take a closer look at the data you work with. You will learn about FME features that can be useful for your company. Then we will present a solution proposal and plan of work. You decide whether we start our partnership.

2. Implementation

We determine the details of our partnership and sign the contract. We deliver FME licenses necessary for the implementation and configure them in a chosen installation environment. We conduct training so that you know how to use your new tools independently after the implementation is complete.

3. Your satisfaction and further optimization

After we finish the implementation, we continue to support you in your processes and help optimize the solution so that your company receives maximum benefits. We’re open to further implementations of data integration and process automation.

Let’s talk about your needs

Our consultation is free and doesn’t require any commitment from your side. We can explore whether this solution will be the right choice for your company. Schedule your meeting today and learn how we can help you maximize the value of your data.