Improved analyses and conversion of spatial data related to construction projects

AI Clearing performs analyses of their client spatial data to monitor the progress of construction works. Learn how the company uses FME Platform to complete its analyses 10 times faster than before.

About the project

AI Clearing is the creator of AI Surveyor™, the first platform in the world for fully automated construction progress tracking and real-time quality control. AI Surveyor is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI Surveyor™ uses drone-based data along with 3D project data and construction schedules. It analyzes the current stage of the investment and compares it to the plan. AI Surveyor™ provides precise, objective, and independent analyses in close to real time, considering 100% of the construction site.

Analysis results are delivered through an interactive online reporting panel. The panel simplifies construction progress verification and effective identification of differences between the project and the actual construction progress. This allows construction teams to immediately perform necessary corrections. As a result, the solution limits the number of corrections, minimizing their costs and risk of further claims from customers.

Industry: Construction solutions, AI/ML
Country: Poland, USA

AI Clearing is a Polish-American startup founded in 2019 offering software based on Artificial Intelligence for monitoring and reporting construction works.


AI Clearing works on a large variety of construction projects. Therefore, the company needed a solution for converting many different spatial data formats. AI Clearing chose the FME software as it offers the broadest range of supported formats, including many proprietary formats.

AI Clearing primarily uses the following formats in their projects:

  • .dwg/.dxf – Autodesk Autocad, Civil 3D
  • .rvt – Autodesk Revit
  • .kml – Google Earth
  • .shp – Esri, QGIS
  • .pdf – exported from different programs

AI Clearing uses FME Desktop mainly for spatial data analysis and conversion. These data:

have different sources of origin
have different formats, including text
use different coordinate systems
have different structures
are related to many types of infrastructure projects (AI Clearing works with the construction of, for example, solar farms, roads, pipelines, etc.).


FME Desktop, chosen by AI Clearing, allows the company to create very complex data conversion models. These models take into account both the format and structure of data. AI Clearing uses FME to:

  • convert data from different formats
  • integrate non-spatial and spatial data
  • clean and attribute spatial data for import to a database
  • create mileages for linear projects
  • verify data accuracy (geometry, attributes)
  • verify data completeness
  • export data from databases

The Platform allows our client to process spatial data using a simple GUI with no programming skills required. FME includes many different project scenarios in a single model (workflow). Each project scenario depends on an input data format and its specifics.

FME possibilities leveraged by AI Clearing

Creating complex workflows
for automating client data conversion from different formats into a standardized format used in the company's database.
on many stages of data processing.
for complex data analyses.
Direct data upload
into the database.


Using FME in AI Clearing’s projects allowed the company to achieve many benefits, such as:

Significant acceleration of the data preparation and analysis process
Minimized risk of errors
Automation of the data validation process
Clients can be quickly notified about errors in data (e.g., object duplicates that may result in incorrect values in analyses based on these data)
Data analysis can be completed on different processing stages in the workflow using caching

The data analysis model completed in a popular GIS software used by AI Clearing before implementing FME would take 5 hours. The same workflow completed in FME takes only half an hour – FME is 10 times faster.

5 hours

is how long it takes to analyze data in a popular GIS software

30 minutes

is how long it takes to analyze data in FME

AI Clearing employees mentioned additional advantages of FME, including:

Big support from the FME community – many challenges related to creating new workflows were already tackled and described on technical FME forums. It’s where both users and software producers actively support others in their work with FME.

There is a large variety of available tools (transformers). There are also transformers created by other users and published in FME Hub. This greatly improves work, especially in case you need a niche, non-standard solution.

FME Platform is constantly developed with new functionalities and ongoing updates. There is also a platform for submitting your own ideas about new functions and ways to develop FME.

FME features flexible license options depending on your needs.

Future plans

Since its beginning, AI Clearing has been using FME software for preparing and validating spatial data.

With time, the company took on more international projects and hired new employees. Therefore, the demand increased, and AI Clearing acquired more FME licenses. Cooperation with Globema, a Platform distributor, will keep on developing.


Preparing project data delivered by our clients can be a real challenge due to the variety of spatial data types and formats. Validation and harmonization are the most important stages that allow us to effectively integrate project data with AI Surveyor. Using FME helped us optimize and automate these processes. This significantly minimized time needed for processing data for further spatial analyses.

Artur Nowicki, Senior GIS Specialist
AI Clearing

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