Are you eager to harness the potential of automation and process large datasets, but lack the necessary infrastructure? Check out FME Flow Hosted!

FME Flow Hosted (formerly Cloud) is a cloud-based version of FME Flow (formerly Server). With FME Flow Hosted, you can tap into the extensive capabilities and features of FME Flow without the need to build and maintain your infrastructure. Here’s how it works:

  • Create data transformation scripts using FME Form.
  • Leverage FME Flow Hosted to launch these scripts in real time, enabling complete process automation.
  • With FME Flow Hosted, you won’t have to worry about the costs and complexities associated with establishing and managing FME Flow infrastructure – we’ve got it covered!

The pricing for FME Flow Hosted is transparent, offering you the flexibility to choose between pay-as-you-go options or annual fees. Explore the pricing details.

Features of FME Flow Hosted

Unlimited number of engines

  • Execute tasks simultaneously to consolidate data from multiple online sources.
  • You have the freedom to add as many engines as needed, though keep in mind that hardware constraints may limit performance for larger tasks.
Agility and flexibility

  • Take control of your costs and hardware configurations.
  • Adjust hard drive sizes or schedule instances in just a minute.
  • Create backups effortlessly with a single click.
  • Making changes in FME Flow Hosted is a breeze!
REST API interface

  • Empower yourself with control through REST API.
  • Requests are made through clear, concise URLs, and responses are presented in easily readable JSON format.
  • Customize your integrations seamlessly with FME Flow Hosted.

  • FME Cloud effortlessly handles peak data loads in your processes.
  • Instantly scale your resources up or down, matching your exact requirements.
  • Utilize only the necessary computing power, resulting in substantial cost savings.
Notifications and mobile support

  • No more waiting for hours at your desk.
  • Manage your processes on-the-go with our mobile app.
  • Enable notifications to keep you informed about potential errors.
Always up-to-date

  • Forget about waiting for periodic updates.
  • FME Flow Hosted is continually enhanced and developed throughout the year.
  • Take control of improvements or allow them to be applied automatically.