General questions about the differences between FME products, environments, and licenses.

Questions about FME technical support.

Questions about FME subscription models.

Questions about FME training and services.

General questions

What's the difference between FME Form and FME Flow?

FME Form is your essential tool for building data integration and processing scripts. It allows you to create workflows, integrate data from various sources, and validate information. On the other hand, FME Flow provides robust computing power to execute these scripts efficiently. You can either launch your scripts directly in FME Form or publish them in FME Flow and automate their execution. To leverage FME Flow’s capabilities, you’ll need FME Form to build your scripts. However, gaining access to FME Flow is possible by commissioning us to create the required scripts for your specific needs.

What formats does FME Platform support?

FME Integration Platform is renowned for its extensive support of over 450 data sources, including different formats, applications, databases, and BI systems.

FME is the best existing tool for handling spatial data, including vectors, rasters, 3D data, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and more. It’s equally effective in managing non-spatial data such as tables, spreadsheets, text files, and databases.

With each new version of FME, additional data formats and source systems are added. We recommend periodically checking the full list of supported data formats and sources. for the latest updates and additions.

How can I purchase FME Platform?

Simply get in touch with us directly at or use our contact form. As the exclusive Safe Software partner in Poland, we offer several advantages:

  • Access to producer prices
  • First-line support in Polish and English
  • Invoicing options in EUR and PLN
  • Expert consultation and assistance in selecting the best licenses to align with your business requirements
  • Guidance and support during installation, setup, and script creation
  • A comprehensive range of training options available in Polish and English

What's the FME license cost?

FME Form and FME Flow follow a unified pricing structure. The cost is determined based on each implementation of a single license. To obtain the most up-to-date pricing list for FME components, please reach out to us directly at

As an authorized Safe Software partner, we are well-positioned to provide favorable licensing conditions. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Which operating systems are supported by FME Platform?

You can install FME Form and FME Flow both on Windows and Linux systems, including distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, and CentOS. Additionally, FME Form can be installed on macOS devices, and for those working with FME Flow, consider containerization options like Docker and Kubernetes.

It’s important to note that for Windows users, FME 2022.0 and newer versions are exclusively available in 64-bit editions. If you are using older 32-bit applications that require integration with FME, you can do so with FME 2021.2 and earlier versions. More details regarding these system requirements can be found in our article, Impactful change for FME users – the 32-bit version support is being terminated.

Producer technical support (Annual Maintenance)

What does producer's technical support include?

With Annual Maintenance from Safe Software, you gain access to valuable benefits:

  • Seamless access to download and license new versions of FME as they become available, ensuring you have the latest features without delay.
  • The flexibility to transfer your licenses to different environments, ideal for scenarios such as system outages or changing devices.
  • The ability to add FME Flow engines to your existing setup, enhancing computational capabilities.
  • The convenience of adding incremental users to a floating FME Form license, adapting to your team’s evolving needs.
  • Access to expert support from FME specialists who can assist with installation, licensing inquiries, defect resolution, and ensuring backward compatibility.

What is the Annual Maintenance cost?

The yearly cost of technical support is calculated as a percentage of the standard price of your FME licenses, depending on your purchase date:

  • For licenses purchased before April 30, 2023, Annual Maintenance is priced at 20% of the standard license cost.
  • For licenses acquired after May 1, 2023, under the new licensing model, Annual Maintenance is set at 25% of the standard license price.

Can I purchase producer's technical support for a different period than 1 year?

Yes, you have the flexibility to tailor your Annual Maintenance period to your specific needs. While Annual Maintenance is typically renewed on an annual basis, you also have the option to purchase it for multiple years or even for a shorter duration, such as several months. This flexibility ensures that your Annual Maintenance aligns perfectly with your licensing.

What if I decide not to renew the Annual Maintenance before it expires?

FME Form and FME Flow licenses are perpetual, meaning that they remain usable even after your Annual Maintenance expires. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Once your Annual Maintenance lapses, you will no longer have the ability to install new versions of FME or take advantage of the latest improvements and enhancements introduced in subsequent releases.

If you decide to reinstate technical support in the future, you will be required to settle all outstanding fees from the original expiration date to the present. The length of time your Annual Maintenance has been expired will determine the number of years for which you need to cover the fees.

Subscription models

What is the subscription model and who can use it?

The subscription model offers a flexible and cost-effective approach to accessing FME Platform components, namely FME Form and FME Flow. Under this model, companies and organizations across various industries can benefit from unlimited usage of these components within a single, yearly fee. It’s important to note that the unlimited access to FME Form and FME Flow is valid only for the duration of the subscription contract, typically set for 1 or 2 years. Once this period concludes, your access to the FME licenses acquired during the subscription is temporarily suspended. However, by renewing your subscription contract, you can promptly regain access to the platform.

Safe Software currently offers four subscription models tailored to specific industries, including Utilities, Local Government and Government Offices, Airports and Air Stations, as well as Universities and Non-Profit Organizations. These models provide unrestricted access to FME Platform based on the unique needs of each industry.

Additionally, the Enterprise subscription model offers unmatched flexibility, allowing customization to suit the specific requirements of any company or organization.

What does the subscription amount depend on?

The subscription amount is influenced by several factors, primarily based on the chosen subscription model, which is designed to align with specific industry requirements. Pricing starts at 10,000 Euros per year and is determined by factors such as:

  • Population count, applicable to the Local Government subscription.
  • Passenger count, relevant to the Airport subscription.
  • Client count, for Utilities and Telecommunications subscriptions.
  • Number of students, for Education subscription.

If you’re interested in securing a subscription for your business and would like to receive detailed cost information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to address your questions and provide you with a tailored offer that suits your unique needs.

I'd like to use a subscription model but my business doesn't fit into any of the model categories. Can I use a subscription nevertheless?

Absolutely! Safe Software has created the Enterprise subscription model to accommodate those outside the predefined industry categories. The Enterprise model offers the highest degree of flexibility and can be fully customized to align seamlessly with the requirements of your specific business, regardless of its industry.

What happens when the factors impacting the subscription amount change during the contract period? (Population count, passenger count, number of students, etc.).

Your subscription contract remains unchanged throughout its duration, regardless of fluctuations in factors like population count, passenger count, or student numbers. Should you choose to renew your subscription for the subsequent period, the cost will be recalculated based on the new figures.

I have purchased perpetual FME licenses. What happens to them when I move over to a subscription model?

Your existing perpetual FME licenses, along with their accompanying valid Annual Maintenance, are seamlessly integrated into your subscription. This means that the support for your perpetual licenses remains active until the conclusion of your subscription contract. As a result, you won’t incur any additional costs associated with renewing Annual Maintenance for these licenses.

Which FME Platform components are available in the subscription model? Can I receive additional plug-ins as part of my subscription?

The subscription model encompasses the core components of FME Platform, which includes FME Form, FME Flow, and CPU Time. It’s important to note that additional, payable plug-ins are not included as part of the subscription models. If your workflow requires specific plug-ins, these will need to be acquired separately to complement your subscription.

What's the difference between FME licenses purchased separately and the licenses purchased within the subscription models?

FME licenses purchased separately are considered perpetual licenses. This means that you have continuous access to FME for your data integration and processing needs. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that to stay current with the latest FME version and to benefit from ongoing updates and improvements, you must maintain a valid Annual Maintenance subscription.

On the other hand, licenses obtained within the subscription models are designed to expire unless you choose to renew the subscription contract for the next period. While your subscription is active, you enjoy full access to support and updates at no additional cost.

Training and services

What type of FME-related services do you offer?

As an authorized Safe Software partner, Globema offers:

  • Sale of all FME Platform components, including the renewal of producer’s technical support.
  • Organization and delivery of FME training, empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of FME Form and FME Flow.

In addition to these core services, our experienced team also provides:

  • Support during the installation and configuration of FME components.
  • Support in executing data-related projects, including data acquisition, migration, processing, spatial data generalization, and system integration.

What type of FME training can I access?

Globema, as an authorized Safe Software partner, offers a wide range of FME training options to cater to diverse learning needs. Our certified experts conduct standard FME Form training on both Basic and Advanced levels. We also provide dedicated FME Flow training to enhance your automation capabilities. We organize custom training tailored to our participants’ needs.

Additionally, we offer a video course, FME Desktop Basic e-learning, which covers fundamental and advanced topics related to integrating, converting, transforming, and validating data using FME.

For a complete list of our training offerings, please refer to our Services -> FME Training.

What types of projects can you help me with?

Our team of FME specialists brings years of experience to the table, having successfully participated in numerous projects related to data acquisition, analysis, processing, and integration. We stand ready to assist you in creating and optimizing scripts for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Collecting, integrating, and processing data from diverse sources, such as GIS/CAD, raster, tabular data, databases, BI systems, and more.
  • Conducting geospatial analyses, enabling you to identify potential expansion locations for your assets.
  • Facilitating seamless integration between BI, IoT, FSM, ERP, CRM, and other critical systems.
  • Streamlining process automation and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Ensuring data quality by validating information, detecting errors, and implementing fixes.

For a comprehensive overview of our service offerings, please visit our service page.

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