FME Training

Explore our range of FME training programs designed to elevate your data integration skills. Led by certified FME experts and trainers, our workshops are available both in-person and online. We also offer tailored workshops to meet your specific needs.

FME Form Basic e-learning – a video course

A flexible and comprehensive way to learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of utilizing FME for geospatial data integration, conversion, transformation, and validation.

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Introduction to FME Form

A condensed version of our standard FME Form Basic workshop, offering a quick introduction to the tool and its capabilities for working with data of various formats and structures.

FME Form Basic

Ideal for beginners, this workshop provides an in-depth understanding of FME Form’s components and their fundamental functionalities.

FME Form Advanced

Elevate your FME skills with advanced techniques and strategies for mastering FME Form’s capabilities in data integration and manipulation.

FME Flow

Dive into practical functions and administrative features of FME Flow, exploring its architecture, possibilities, and real-world use cases, including process automation.

FME and web services/REST API

Enhance your skills in creating applications using FME Flow’s REST API, and discover how to leverage FME for data downloading and sharing through web services.

FME for non-spatial data

Tailored for those working with tabular data, spreadsheets, and databases, this workshop equips you with the tools to effectively handle non-spatial data using FME.

Integrating and validating data with FME

Uncover the full potential of FME’s data integration and validation capabilities as you learn to access diverse data sources, including databases, web services, and local data.

Working with databases in FME

Gain proficiency in integrating various database systems, covering a wide range from relational and object databases to spatial and NoSQL databases.

FME and Python

Expand FME’s functionalities by introducing Python, a user-friendly programming language. Learn to create Python scripts and seamlessly integrate them into your FME workflows.


Are you interested in custom training?

Can’t find a training program that meets your specific requirements? We offer both open training and customizable workshops tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today, and let’s plan your personalized workshop together!

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Why choose us for your FME training?

  • We are the exclusive Safe Software Partner in Poland, authorized to provide FME training.
  • Our team comprises experienced and certified FME experts and trainers.
  • We’ve successfully conducted numerous workshops across various industries, training hundreds of new FME users.

What you’ll receive besides new skills:

  • A 60-day demo license to explore FME’s capabilities.
  • Access to our expert consulting services for any questions or guidance you may need.

What our participants say:

The course instructor was highly engaged and eager to assist all participants.

FME Form AdvancedMarch 2020

The training was comprehensive and well-structured, covering various aspects of the software. The friendly atmosphere made it enjoyable.

FME Form BasicJanuary 2020

The workshop expanded my knowledge and improved my skills, directly benefiting my work.

FME Form AdvancedNovember 2020

The course included a wide range of topics. Our trainer was knowledgeable and provided ample opportunities for practical exercises.

FME Form AdvancedNovember 2020

We received clear and digestible information, with the flexibility to ask questions at any time.

FME Form BasicDecember 2020

The trainer accommodated our needs by adjusting the exercise order and focusing on our relevant topics.

FME Form BasicDecember 2020

Plenty of hands-on exercises and diverse tasks to hone your skills.

FME Form BasicMay 2020