Unlock Your Business Potential with FME

Empower your enterprise with FME, the ultimate data integration platform for seamless transformation and enhanced decision-making.

FME offers support for over 450 data formats and thousands of data sources, providing an extensive toolkit for limitless data conversions. Elevate your business strategy with no-code enterprise integration and automated process workflows through FME’s intuitive features.

Utilize FME Flow to streamline your processes, saving valuable time and eliminating the need for repetitive manual scripting upon data updates. Simply design the automation, and let FME handle the rest.

Why choose FME for your business?

Data and system integration

Effortlessly connect to 450+ formats and diverse data sources – databases, warehouses, applications, and more. Tailor your tools and apps to your unique needs.

Data transformation

Mold your data as needed! Employ transformers to achieve desired outcomes. Parameterize scripts for enhanced flexibility and utility.

Data conversion to any format or coordinate system

Eliminate concerns about outdated formats or coordinate systems. FME likely supports your required formats for smooth conversions.

Data quality control and validation

Pinpoint data errors with validation transformers, ensuring pristine datasets. FME even suggests remedies for detected issues! 😊

Mastering spatial data

Leverage complex spatial data support unique to FME for projects involving geographic data.

Process automation

Free yourself from repetitive tasks. Whether dealing with changing inputs or parameters, automate processes and enjoy newfound leisure time.

Explore FME products

FME features:

  • Big Data and databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Mongo DB, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, and others)
  • Enterprise Management tools (CRM, ERP, FSM, and Network Inventory)
  • Text files, spreadsheets, and CSV files
  • XML files (GML, CityGML, KML, Indoor GML, and Land XML)
  • Web services (Amazon, JSON/GeoJSON, Google, OSM, HTML, Google Sheets, and Salesforce)
  • Geospatial data (GIS, CAD, raster data, LIDAR, and point clouds in 3D and BIM)
  • And many more!
  • Trigger processes based on events (e-mails, file changes, schedules, etc.)
  • Notifications in FME Flow include e-mail, Amazon, Azure, HTTP Post, JMS, FTP, and Dropbox
  • Queue tasks
  • Set priorities
  • Add further calculation engines
  • Monitor and restart components post downtime
  • Relaunching processes after downtime
  • Configure task recovery as per your needs
  • Robust user authentication and role-based safety model
  • Access for local users or based on a token system
  • Straightforward HTTP authentication
  • Encryption for sensitive data and backups
  • SSL protocol for secure communication
  • Windows, Linux, and macOS support
  • Local or cloud installation (Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure)
  • Docker or Kubernetes deployment option for FME Flow
  • Ready-to-use SaaS FME Flow Hosted service

FME Form

Design data processing scripts using a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

FME Flow

Automate FME Form processes and save time through scheduled data processing.

FME Flow Hosted

Outsource hosting and infrastructure worries with automated FME Flow.

Selected applications and technologies supported by FME



FME seamlessly integrates with a wide array of Microsoft products and services, offering unparalleled compatibility. Connect with SQL Server, Access, SharePoint, Azure services, Dynamics 365, and more. FME’s support extends to both on-premise and cloud solutions, including Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Google Sheets, Dropbox, and virtually any web service with an API. Harness FME’s versatility with over 500 data manipulation tools that allow you to perform actions like splitting, merging, renaming columns, calculating statistics, and validating data. Shape your data to fit the required model effortlessly.



Effortlessly bridge data between Oracle databases and over 400 formats and applications. FME empowers you to move data with ease, reducing manual effort while enhancing productivity. Seamlessly integrate Oracle databases into your workflows and leverage FME’s robust features to streamline data management.


GE Smallworld

FME facilitates smooth data transformation between GE Smallworld and a variety of formats vital to effective utilities and telecommunications planning. The platform boasts a rich library of transformation tools that ensure seamless format conversions. Access, manipulate, and map dataset components precisely to maintain structural integrity when transitioning to the destination system. Use FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted to automatically manage data from GE Smallworld, enhancing efficiency.



Enhance your Autodesk software suite with FME’s transformative capabilities. Whether it’s AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit, AutoCAD Map 3D, A360, or InfraWorks, FME elevates your design and modeling capabilities. Convert points and lines to polygons, extrude 2D floor plans into 3D structures, and even validate data against specific regulations. FME’s automated tools ensure correct geometries and optimal data quality.



FME simplifies the process of converting and preparing spatial data for ArcGIS. Seamlessly transition large volumes of spatial data to formats compatible with ArcGIS. Additionally, FME allows you to convert GIS formats to commonly used formats like spreadsheets, databases, PDF files, or maps. FME’s library of transformation tools is specifically designed to assist in readying data for seamless use within the ArcGIS environment. You can even integrate Esri maps as background maps in the FME Data Inspector transformer.



Prepare your data for display in Google Maps and Google Earth with FME’s advanced features. Effortlessly convert diverse spatial data – GIS, databases, point clouds, rasters, and more – into the KML format. Style and customize displayed layers to suit your needs. FME Flow or FME Flow Hosted enables real-time data transmission and display on Google Maps, enhancing your data’s visual impact.


Amazon Web Services

Leverage FME’s advanced data conversion and automation capabilities to seamlessly integrate Amazon Web Services with other cloud solutions. Whether it’s Salesforce, Google Sheets, Dropbox, or ArcGIS Online, FME supports standard cloud applications. You can integrate with nearly any web service through API interfaces. FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted enable efficient data flow between Amazon services such as Amazon S3, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Redshift Amazon, Amazon Dynamo DB, and other cloud solutions.



FME empowers you to connect directly with PostGIS and PostgreSQL databases, streamlining data management. Easily convert data from these databases to any format you require. Automate the process of downloading and sending data to and from PostGIS and PostgreSQL databases with FME’s powerful capabilities.



FME unlocks the potential of Planet’s satellite imagery by seamlessly blending it with your data. Utilize FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted to integrate data from Planet’s 150+ satellites. Be notified of new satellite images or automatically save them to a chosen location, such as a cloud storage service, FTP server, or external repository.



FME bridges the gap between MicroStation formats like DGN and a myriad of other formats including spreadsheets, GIS, raster data, cloud-based systems, point clouds, and more. The simplicity of drag-and-drop conversion allows you to effortlessly transform 2D data into 3D models. FME also validates geometry and enables seamless data exchange between different CAD software.


GeoMedia Professional

Seamlessly integrate GeoMedia Professional with a multitude of applications using FME. Configure intricate workflows using an intuitive graphical interface – no coding required. Accelerate data processing while ensuring accuracy and compatibility across platforms.



Upgrade MapInfo’s capabilities by integrating FME’s transformative prowess. Unlike MapInfo’s limited format support, FME opens doors to over 450 formats and advanced data transformation tools. With FME’s power, you can convert TAB MapInfo formats to any spatial data format, offering unparalleled flexibility.